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HIGH TECH FROM NATURE. Less is More is the only fully certified organic professional haircare brand in Europe, known for its versatility and performance.

FROM PROFESSIONALS TO PROFESSIONALS. When Austrian hair stylist Hannes Trummer opened his own salon after leaving his position as an artistic director at an international hair fashion house, he wanted to find a professional range that was both stylish and organic. The requirements for functionality were high because Hannes does a lot of styling, photoshoots, and shows. When he couldn't find a range that met his performance standards, he decided to find a way to develop one. He teamed up with innovative biomimetics doctor Doris Brandhuber, who has made the development of Less is More her life's work. Each product's technology and functionality represent the pinnacle of green chemistry. And because Doris and Hannes are still the owners of the brand, their commitment to product development and upholding the brand's values is unparalleled. Less is More is, quite literally, a brand created by professionals for professionals.


THE ESSENTIAL MATTERS. Less is More is dedicated to this philosophy. The brand's portfolio is highly functional - nothing is missing, nothing is excessive. With Less is More styling products, you can create the perfect finish for every need, from flowing to voluminous and sleek to textured. Luxurious cleansing and care products offer solutions for every hair type. High-performance, bioactive ingredients and organic plant extracts are combined in optimal compositions throughout the range. Nature is wise, and everything exists for a good reason. Less is More is based on this principle.

UNCOMPROMISINGLY EFFECTIVE AND ECOLOGICAL. Less is More products combine functionality, nature, and aesthetics. When selecting active ingredients, they consider scientific innovation, proven effectiveness, and deep respect for the diversity and beauty of nature. Ingredients are carefully chosen based on their performance, purity, and optimal compatibility, while also considering environmental impacts. Raw materials are sourced from renewable natural resources and, whenever possible, certified organic cultivation, making them fully traceable and rapidly biodegradable. Pure essential oils enhance the functionality, care, and pleasure of the products.

Given that sustainability is crucial to consumers today, many companies emphasise ecological values without being transparently ecological. Less is More is a B Corp-certified company with strict standards for sustainability and transparency in economic, social, and environmental matters ( Could your company's strategy include a fully certified organic range and the opportunity to reach new consumers?


  • 30 products: 5 shampoos, 5 conditioners, 10 styling products, 5 leave-in treatments, and 5 specialty products. 
  • Designed for professional use. 
  • Bottles and packaging made from recycled materials. 
  • Cosmos Organic certified. 
  • PETA Cruelty-Free certified. 
  • 100% biodegradable. 
  • Handmade in Vienna.

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