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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Greenlips Finland Oy sales and delivery terms and conditions from March 19th, 2019 is the B2B only online store by Greenlips Finland Oy 2362292-9 (later Greenlips Beauty). Registering as a customer requires the business to have a delivery and billing address in Sweden and that it is registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Purchasing requires registration. Registration requires acceptance by Greenlips Beauty before the user name is activated. We reserve the right to change the conditions and prices without further notice. Registered customers will receive newsletters through email and they are added to the Greenlips Beauty resellers closed Facebook group (Greenlips Beauty for Professionals). You can unsubscribe from the email list using a link at the bottom of each email or by contacting our customer service. You can leave the Facebook group by contacting our customer service.



Products are ordered on the website. Any questions regarding ordering can be sent by email to or by phoning +358 40 726 9875. In technical matters about the online store please phone +358 40 726 9875.


Orders submitted before 11am on weekdays will be dispatched from the warehouse that same day. Orders submitted during weekends, holidays or weekdays after 12 noon will be dispatched the next weekday.

We deliver the goods using the method the customer has selected and according to the general conditions of carriage of GLS EuroBusinessParcel. The price of the transport depends on the weight and size of the order as well as on the selected method of transport. Delivery time is 2-3 weekdays depending on the destination location.

The delivery charge varies between 79 SEK – 346 SEK (excl. VAT). We deliver any sizes or orders, no minimum order.


If a certain product is out of stock we do not send it when it again becomes available.


All prices VAT 0% (unless otherwise stated).

The prices shown in the online store are valid for the time being or in the case of an offer, for the period stated. The prices are primarily stated without VAT except recommended retail prices that have been mentioned in the store.


Payment events transfer from the online store to our invoicing programme Procountor. From there an invoice is sent to the customer to their email or e-invoicing address as agreed with the customer according to these conditions:

The right to use invoices is granted to a company after a 50% advance payment for the first order and potential credit check. Credit check is done from Bisnode.

50% of the invoice for the first order is paid as an advance payment and the other 50% is to be paid 14 days after the order is dispatched. The invoice is sent when the order is ready to be dispatched and the order is sent as soon as the 50% of the full amount has been registered.

When paying using an invoice the payment terms are generally 10 days net. If the payment is delayed, we charge 8% interest plus payment reminder and collection charges. Invoice clearance can be granted after we have received the 50% advance payment for the first order and after a potential credit check. We reserve the right to review and reject an order or the right to payment conditions before a trading agreement is formed.

Repeated payment delays:

If payment is delayed repeatedly we return to advance invoicing for the next two orders. After that, you can again order using the normal 10-day net payment term. If payments are again late after this, we move to advance payments only until further notice.

Delivery complaints

It is the duty of the customer to inspect at delivery the condition of the products and that the right products have been sent, according to this schedule:

If the shipment has been damaged in transit, leave a complaint with the courier at the time of the delivery. Contact Greenlips Beauty also.

If the delivery includes damaged products, a claim must be made within 3 days from the receipt of the goods. If there are wrong items or other problems in the delivery, you must make a claim within 7 days from receiving the shipment.

Let us know in the claim:

What happened,

Brand and name of product,

Product serial number,

Photo if the product is damaged and

Best before date.

If it is claim made by a consumer, ask him the information stated above.

Returns B2B (business to businesses)

You always need approval by Greenlips Beauty before returning goods. Goods cannot be returned without a separate acceptance for each shipment.

In potential returns you need to check the condition of the products: you can return items that are unused, faultless, in their original packaging and in a condition where they can be sold. The product to return must be part of the reseller’s selection at the time of the return. The customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping unless the reason for return is a faulty product or a mistake by the seller. Attach a copy of the delivery list with where the reason for the return has been noted.

Exceptions to the right to exchange: products specifically ordered for the customer, items on sale or discontinued items.

We do not redeem returns sent using cash on delivery parcels. (Näissä käytetyt termit Ruotsissa pitää tutkia)

Right to cancel order

After a customer has placed an order in the online store he does not have the right to cancel it.

Force majeure

We are not liable for late delivery or non-delivery of goods when it is caused by a strike, lockout, fire, machinery breakdown, lack of raw materials, regulatory measure or other unsurpassed obstacles caused by forces beyond our control. The customer doesn’t have the right to claim damages in this situation.

Rights of ownership and liability

Goods become the customer’s property when they have been paid in full. Liability for any damage to the goods begins when the goods are delivered to the customer.


The products do not have a guarantee.


Disputes between the seller and the customer can be solved either at mediation by an arbitrator or the court of first instance (inferior court) at the seller’s domicile.

Data protection

Our customers privacy is really important for us. We process personal data in a responsible manner inside the framework of EU data processing laws. All personal and business information is used in connection with the Greenlips Finland Oy customer register, processing orders and invoicing.

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