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Our values

”Beauty without compromise”

As importers, our most important values are honesty and transparency and being ethical and ecological. Together with our partners we want to inspire consumers to make choices that value themselves and our environment in their use of cosmetics.


We stand behind our products. It is important for us that the cosmetics we represent are produced in a responsible way and created using best practices. We support sustainable and responsible cosmetics production. Our entire chain of values is committed to showing deep respect to people, animals, environment and future. Natural resources must not be wasted recklessly. Those preparing the ingredients for cosmetics need to get adequate compensation for their work. We care about the kind of world we are leaving for our children and the next generations. The goal of our work is to improve the situation of the weakest.

We support the success of our customers in every way. We create financial opportunities so they can live the life they want to and enjoy both their work and free time. With our own example, we strengthen value-driven entrepreneurship. Its profitability and success bring more entrepreneurs who are driven by values. This creates a new type of business culture and a real change in the world. We believe in working together.


We are a Finnish company and we uphold honesty and openness in our business. We take the risk to have genuine interaction with our customers. We listen as we work, in an understanding and fair manner. Transparency runs through all we do. Great customer service is the cornerstone of our work. It can deepen trust. 

We want to help our customers in any possible questions, quickly and easily. We use the many means offered by technology to make communication between us and our customers as natural and fast as possible.


We believe that amazing products can be created without harming people or our precious planet. We feel a huge responsibility for this planet that we call home. Because of this we want to inspire our customers to choose to represent the kind of products that benefit the globe. 

We encourage consumers towards wise choices and practices. A high-quality product is timeless and creates the desired results. We also believe in having beautiful things in everyday life: organic cosmetics are a lovely part of everyday life and we want to bring some luxury with beautiful design. We see beauty in all we do and experience. We believe in quality, not quantity. We bring joy and benefit to the end user with aesthetic and quality.


We at Greenlips Beauty work passionately and with great joy: we work for matters we consider important. At the same time, we inspire our customers to live lives that they are proud to call their own and work for matters close to their hearts. Work needs to be fun and inspiring. Wrinkles are beautiful. They tell of life full of laughter and happiness but we don’t want to work with crumpled faces. There is positive energy and you can often hear bursts of laughter in our office!

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