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Our Promises

1. The most responsible and ecological professional products

What does this mean? 
At Greenlips Beauty, we believe that individual responsible or ecological actions or words are not enough. Instead, we strive for comprehensive transparency and honest operations. We demand tangible responsible actions and choices from ourselves and our brands, rather than just marketing and advertising. We say a big NO to greenwashing, which has become a common form of "responsibility" and "ecology." According to an EU study conducted in 2021, up to 42% of environmental claims made by companies are misleading, exaggerated, or deceptive*.

      One definition of greenwashing is allocating time and money to green marketing rather than practical measures to minimise harmful environmental impacts.

      At Greenlips Beauty, each brand and product undergoes a rigorous screening process before being included in our selection. Most of our brands are also certified with internationally recognised organic certifications, ethical certifications, and/or certifications measuring social responsibility. You can read more about the certifications here.

      *Link to the EU study

      2. Money-back satisfaction guarantee 

      We stand behind our products. If, for any reason, you don't fall in love with our products, you have a free 30-day return policy and we will refund your money. We believe that fruitful cooperation is only possible if both parties are satisfied. As a responsible cosmetics importer, we have been working with hundreds of beauty entrepreneurs for over ten years. We know how satisfied both the entrepreneurs, employees, and salon customers are with the products we offer and how well they perform. However, we also understand that there may be concerns when introducing a new brand. Therefore, we want to offer you peace of mind: if you are not satisfied with our products or service, let us know, and we will refund your money. Learn more about our completely risk-free money-back satisfaction guarantee here.

      3. Foundation in honesty and transparency 

      We cherish honesty and transparency in all of our interactions, marketing, and advertising. We work by listening, understanding, compassionately, and fairly. We want and dare to engage in genuine dialogue with our customers. We don't conceal or hide; instead, we openly share. We are critical of sources and take time to investigate claims and ensure their accuracy. This is how we aim to positively impact the well-being and success of the entire beauty industry by sharing information that is researched, tested, and proven effective.

      To uphold honesty and transparency, we ensure that:

      Our operations and communication are free from greenwashing. We don't want anyone to question whether "this claim is really true?" when it comes to us. We thoroughly examine the promises and products of brands. You'd be surprised how many brands and products we have said "no, thank you" to because of this. We continually educate our partners, making it easy for them to keep their communication honest and transparent on their own channels. We recognise that trust earned through honesty and transparency is fragile, and we always strive to act worthy of our customers' trust. It is more than a one-time decision or a value in our hearts in a world filled with empty words and conflicting information. It requires constant effort. Therefore, we approach the transparency of our own communication critically and repeatedly consider how we can further improve it.

      4. Easiest new brand onboarding

      We believe that the introduction of a new brand should be an easy and effortless experience. Starting with a new brand should be an inspiring time, and energy should not be spent on complex business processes or problem-solving, but rather on enjoying the excitement and learning about the possibilities of the new line. For this reason, we have made the onboarding process for a new product line as easy as possible for you!

        How easy can the onboarding of a new product line be? If you want to learn more about any of our brands, let us know through our contact form here. We will get back to you within 1-3 business days, or if you prefer, we will simply send you the brand's information package and clear starting options with prices. If you are interested in becoming a retailer, we will schedule a meeting or phone conversation to explore the options that best serve you. We offer as much personal assistance and support on this journey as you desire and need. You set the pace.

        When the time comes to start with the brand, you can choose either the full range or ready-made best-seller packages that can also be personalised. We can create the selection together, or if you prefer, we can handle everything for you based on your preferences, following the "turnkey" principle.

        Working with us is clear and straightforward: there is no need for written contracts; you simply order the products you need, and we deliver them.

        Additionally, you will always receive:

        • Personal training 
        • Fast and reliable deliveries 
        • Ready-made display plan 
        • A digital material bank 
        • Easy and straightforward online store where you can shop at your convenience 
        • Money-back satisfaction guarantee 

        We want the beginning of our collaboration to be the easiest and most risk-free in the market. However, we are aware that concerns may arise when introducing a new retail range. Therefore, we want to offer you peace of mind: if you are not satisfied with our products or service, we will refund your money. Learn more about our money-back satisfaction guarantee here.

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