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3 Easy steps to become a retailer

We believe that becoming a reseller should be (and must be) fun, easy, and risk-free.

If you're interested in becoming a reseller for any of our brands, follow these three easy steps:

1. When you want to learn more about one of our brands, contact us through our contact form here. We will get in touch with you within 1-3 business days, or if you prefer, we can simply send you the brand's information package and clear starting options with prices.

2. If you're interested in becoming a reseller, we will arrange a meeting or a phone conversation to explore the options that best serve you. We offer as much personal assistance and support on this journey as you desire and need. You set the pace.

3. When the time comes to start reselling, you can choose either the entire product range or ready-made best-seller packages that can also be tailored to your needs. We can create the assortment together, or if you prefer, we can handle everything for you based on your preferences with a "turnkey" approach.

    One of our four customer promises is the easiest introduction of a new product line in the market. Read more about it here. We also want the process of becoming a reseller to be 100% risk-free. That's why we offer you a satisfaction guarantee: if, for any reason, you're not satisfied with our products or service, we will refund your money. Read more about our money-back satisfaction guarantee here.

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