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Values and Story


Greenlips Beauty started its operations in 2010 as the first partner for beauty professionals in Finland, with a foundation built on responsible values from the beginning.

In 2009, before the birth of her daughter, Sharon Forbes, the founder of Greenlips Beauty, began paying more attention to the ingredients of the products she used. She had to consider the well-being of her future child. Additionally, she was concerned about the state of the environment. She developed a desire to change a small piece of the world for future generations. This marked the beginning of a journey that transformed her perception of cosmetics, responsibility, and the impact of cosmetics on nature and human well-being. In 2009, it was extremely challenging to find genuinely responsible and ecological professional cosmetics—and it is still not easy! Sharon wanted to make responsible choices easier for others, so she gathered all the knowledge and skills she acquired and decided to become an entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry based on her values.

Today, our family-owned company, together with our partners, consists of a group of passionate professionals who want to live a life that aligns with our own values.

Companies like Greenlips Beauty and our partners are needed more than ever in an era of heightened awareness (and greenwashing). From the very beginning, we wanted to create a company that can be trusted, offering our partners and customers thoroughly researched alternatives that can be used with a clear conscience.

Our selection consists of brands that are as natural and responsible as possible, created with creativity and love. Brands that have a story worth sharing.


Greenlips Beauty exists to provide beauty industry entrepreneurs a place to find the best and most responsible solutions for successful business operations.

It is a matter of honor for us that the brands we represent make no compromises in any aspect. They must not only align perfectly with our values but also be professionally high-performing, aesthetically appealing, contemporary, and supportive of our partners' businesses.

We want to use our business as a means to do good and as an opportunity to promote values and consumption habits that are important to us. Our guiding values in this endeavor are:



We stand behind our products with confidence because it is important to us that the cosmetics we represent are produced responsibly and manufactured in exceptionally good ways. We support sustainable and safe cosmetics production methods. Our entire value chain is committed to showing deep respect for people, animals, the environment, and the future. We adhere to the values of sustainable development—where natural resources are not squandered recklessly and the producers of raw materials receive proper compensation for their work. We care about the kind of world we leave for our children and future generations.

We believe that genuine well-being comes from living in alignment with one's values. A person who achieves success does not take from others or the environment, nor does one harm or exploit the less privileged in order to prosper. We see that this leads to balanced and sustainable success, where a company can be a channel that produces both mental and economic good for individuals and communities.


We cherish honesty and transparency in all our interactions, marketing, and advertising. We build trust on a deeper level through transparency that guides our actions. We work by listening, understanding, with a human touch, and fairly. We want and dare to engage in authentic dialogue with our customers. We do not conceal or hide; instead, we openly share. We are critical of sources and take time to investigate and verify claims.


We believe that incredible products can be created without harming people or our precious planet. We feel a tremendous responsibility towards our planet, which we call home. That's why we want to inspire our customers to choose products that also give back to our Earth.

We encourage consumers to make wise choices and adopt sustainable practices because a quality product withstands the test of time and delivers desired results. We also believe in the beauty of everyday life: natural cosmetics are a wonderful part of our daily routine, and we want to bring luxury to it through beautiful design. We see beauty in everything we do and experience. We prioritize quality over quantity. Through aesthetics and high standards, we bring joy and benefits to the users of our products.


We work passionately and with great joy, striving for things we consider important. At the same time, we aim to inspire our customers to live life on their own terms and pursue their passions. Work should be fun and inspiring. Wrinkles are beautiful and tell a story of a laughing and happy life, but we don't want to take our work too seriously. Positive energy and laughter often resonates in our office!

We assist our customers in achieving success and creating financial opportunities so that they can live life on their own terms and enjoy it both at work and during leisure time. Through our own example, we strengthen values-based entrepreneurship, where profitability and success brings more value-driven entrepreneurs into the market, creating a new business culture and real change in the world. We believe in the power of collaboration.

For us, success in work means feeling that we are doing meaningful work that provides enough material well-being to sustain our own unique lives, secure the future, and fulfill our dreams. At the same time, we believe that true success cannot exist without well-being because if one's own or someone else's well-being suffers, how can one genuinely be successful?

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