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TEK Carbonium comb with handle - medium teeth 2340

TEK Brushes and Combs

TEK Carbonium comb with handle - medium teeth 2340

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Product description

Pure Carbon alloy antibacterial haircut comb with handle and medium teeth.
Length 22,5 cm.

The antibacterial carbon combs are the result of advanced technological research for a professional use. They are made of pure carbon and enriched with a powerful antibacterial which makes them bacteriostatic at 99.99%. Thanks to the careful smoothing there aren’t imperfections through the teeth so the combs are perfect to block the hair, both wet and dry, between one tooth and another allowing an high precision during the haircut; they are also completely antistatic. The antibacterial carbon combs can be easily washed with soap and water and don’t need to be sterilized; the antibacterial is mixed with the carbon so the antibacterial effect is guaranteed for life.


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