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TEK Mahogany round brush with wild boar bristles Ø 45mm 4271-08

TEK Brushes and Combs

TEK Mahogany round brush with wild boar bristles Ø 45mm 4271-08

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Product description

Professional round brush in mahogany wood brush with reinforced wild boar bristles, diam. 45mm. A combination of high-quality raw materials, ergonomic design and resistance to high temperatures: the new mahogany round brush from TEK. Chosen for its resistant and lightweight qualities, the FSC certified mahogany makes for extremely handly allowing you to style your hair without straining your wrist. Its hexagonal shape and pro-grip design also make it ergonomic and slip-resistant. Designed to achieve maximum grip on the hair and to eliminate frizz, the real reinforced boar bristles resist temperatures of up to 300°, preventing the product from deteriorating. The innovative ultra-fine structure of each single bristle, composed of 75% boar hair and 25% antibacterial nylon, makes it easy to blow-dry and style your hair elegantly, resulting in a natural, glossy shine. 

Antistatic - Handmade in Italy


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