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Sunkissed Hair - Clay Brightening 1000 g x 3 packages

Sunkissed Hair

Sunkissed Hair - Clay Brightening 1000 g x 3 packages

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Product description

3 packages of Sunkissed Hair Clay Brightening

A gentle, fragrance free and ecological clay brightening for natural, sophisticated results. Sunkissed Hair is a perfect natural hair color for precise and safe lightening with up to three levels of lift, depending on the quality of hair and the used developer. For shiny and soft looking sunkissed hair.


Size 3 x 1000 g

Product details


hake the bag gently before use and clean the hair from metal residues, if necessary. Mix 1-part of Sunkissed Hair powder and 1-3* part of developer well together and apply the product to shampooed towel dry or dry hair. Development time is 10-60 minutes, depending on the desired end result and the hair condition. Shampoo hair and use conditioner according to hair needs. Wear protective gloves and rinse immediately in case of accidental contact with eyes. Not recommended for full head coloring.

*Composition of the color mass can be adjusted by changing the amount of developer. Too thick or thin mass will reduce the lifting effect.


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