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Less is More - Organic Body Cream 250ml

Less is More


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Product description

lavender • atlas cedar • patchouli • frankincense
deeply hydrating, smoothing body cream to nourish and soften skin

Size 250ml

Product details

The intensively hydrating body cream unfolds a stimulating and calming effect when massaged in. Cocoa butter* supports the collagen synthesis and barrier function of the skin. Valuable, cold-pressed organic plant oils* keep your skin wonderfully smooth and boost moisture balance without being greasy. Aloe Vera* soothes, natural enzymes strengthen the skin barrier highly effectively and thus protect against harmful environmental influences. Suitable for all skin types and children.


Aloe Vera* – pure fresh juice moisturising for the skin, promotes cell renewal in the skin, cooling,soothing.

natural enzymes - such as kimchi extract and lactic acid bacteria, supply the skin with important vitamins, enzymes and minerals, strengthen the body's own skin barrier and serve as an ideal hydrator.

Cocoa butter*, jojoba oil*, coconut oil*+, hemp oil* - Cocoa not only contributes to our well-being as a popular food in the form of chocolate, but also as skin caring cocoa butter. By massaging it directly into the skin, it unfolds a stimulating and soothing care effect. Rich in vitamin E, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, the cold-pressed organic plant oils also protect the skin ideally against external influences.


apply to clean skin from décolletéto feet and massage in gently.


* ingredients issued from organic farming 
** made using organic ingredients
+ Fair Trade certified ingredient




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