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TEK Brushes and Combs - a natural choice for professionals

TEK brushes and combs are high-quality professional products crafted by hand using natural materials. Each brush is made from start to finish in TEK's own workshop in Milan, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology. This ensures the highest level of quality and durability that meets the demands of professionals.

TEK is a family-owned business specializing in the production of brushes and combs made from natural materials for two generations. The company's founder, Giulio Valsecchi, introduced the world's first patented wooden bristle brush in 1977. The company quickly gained recognition for its innovation, and its products have been showcased at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York and have received numerous awards for their design and technology. In 2000, TEK launched the Ceramik System brush, which was the first brush to utilize space technology. The brush features a special ceramic coating applied using a specialized laser.

Respecting the environment and nature is an important value for TEK in all stages of production. All products are FSC certified, ensuring responsibility and transparency regarding the wood materials used. TEK's wooden bristle brushes have also received the VeganOK certification. The packaging materials are made from unbleached FSC-certified cardboard, and the production uses RECS-certified energy. TEK also supports the development and research of renewable energy sources. Additionally, TEK has achieved the prestigious B-corporation certification, signifying the company's transparency, responsibility, and high social standards.

However, TEK brushes offer more than just an ecological choice - they combine stylish design with excellent comfort and performance. They are the choice of professionals who appreciate the superior quality of natural materials and want to use the best possible tools in their work.

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